Beginning October 17, we will be closing the leftovers on US 74 at Chaunceytown Road and at Old Lake Road so that we can make way for detour route implementation and for future center bridge pier construction as part of projects R5819 and R5820. When the leftovers are removed, drivers will no longer be able to make a direct left turn onto Chaunceytown Road or on to Old Lake Road from US 74. Instead, drivers will need to travel to the next nearby median U-turn location and then complete a U-turn to travel back to the desired route. I am attaching a schematic diagram. Also, there will be certain periods where the U-turns located east of Chaunceytown and west of Old Lake Road will be closed intermittently; however, this will only be while paving is ongoing on US 74-when this is intermittently closed drivers will need to use the U-turns at the far ends of the project.