East Columbus Junior-Senior High School senior Sara Akins, 17, reads A Flicker in the Dark by Stacy Willingham. It’s the story of a psychologist who discovers that her father was a serial killer. When she was 12, he murdered numerous girls and buried them on his property. She is older now and girls start going missing again. Working with a reporter, she sets out to solve the cases. Since the beginning of the year, Akins said she has read 10 books. Her favorite author is James Patterson. “His books are so good they make you want to keep going,” she said. “They are in a series so you have to get the next book. There is so much detail, but you never get lost.” Akins said she also loves crime books – mysteries and thrillers. She is a fan of Natasha Preston’s thrillers and murder mysteries. She said she always likes books better than movie versions. “I read because I can create movies in my head,” she said. “When I read, it takes a back seat to everything else.I am so fixated on the book I become a different person.”