Barrios Wants to Sell Real Estate


Gator Media Staff.

Sixteen-year-old Pablo Barrios, son of Mirna Armenta Lopez and Pablo Barrios Lorenzo, is a rising junior at East Columbus Junior-Senior High School.

He said the best thing about East is that he can see his friends and the teachers who actually care to teach.

Barrios said his favorite class is JROTC. “First Sergeant James Alston is one of the best teachers to rely on and help you,” he said.

His favorite teachers are Alston and science teacher Martin Migue because “They actually teach in a good way.”

Barrios said he is good at science.

While one of his in-school activities is JROTC, he said he doesn’t do much outside of school aside from “taking care of pets and stuff.”

His favorite thing to do outside of school is sleep.

Barrios would like to visit Mexico someday to visit his grandparents.

Some of Barrios’ favorite things include Tyler the Creator, TikTok, the Jurassic Park series and Pozole.

His favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid and his favorite game is Clash Royale.

An emoji that he said describes him best is the Moai emoji.

He said one of his strengths is “getting stuff done on time.”

Barrios said that math is his weakness.

Something that not many people know about Barrios is that he can crack his thumb multiple times at once.

Barrios’ future plans include working in real estate.

“I want to be creative with house projects,” he said.

If Barrios won a $1,000,000 lottery, he would invest it, just to have more money.

If he could change one thing about East Columbus, it would be the dress code.

One thing that Barrios wishes he could do over is his freshman year.

He wishes he could have tried more things and tried to work harder on his grades.

Barrios sees himself in 10 years living a normal life.

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