ECJSHS junior Ian Lindauer, 17, is a Lake Waccamaw resident and the son of Abbey and Ian Lindauer.

The thing he likes best at East is its variety of classes. “I like having more options,” he said.

Math is his favorite course. “I find doing equations very fun,” he said.

His favorite teacher is Anthony Martin because, “He always keeps his class interesting.”

Lindaur said it’s his friends who inspire him.

“They inspire me to pursue new, creative outlets and they keep me motivated,” he said.

Lindauer is really into computers.

“I have multiple certifications in Microsoft software,” he said, adding that, “I am pretty fluent with technology and more recently, coding.”

Lindauer enjoys drawing, painting, guitar and repairing technology.

Outside of school, he likes talking with friends and creating digital art.

He said he hopes to someday visit Lindau, Germany.

“My ancestors came directly from this town,” he said.

Lindauer said he would like to pursue a career in coding.

“Becoming an “indie game developer” would be his dream job.

“I would love to craft an experience for people,” he said.

A Rock Music fan, he loves the Pixar film Wall-E and the AMC series Breaking Bad. He likes grilled cheese, Stephen King’s book Cujo and Instagram. He also likes to play the game Terraria.

He said the paint brush emoji best describes him because, “I feel it shows my creativity.”

He said something many may not know about him is his ability to solve a Rubik’s Cube.

If he were to win a million dollars, Lindauer said he would save half and invest the other half to “ensure my future.”

Lindauer said if he could change one thing about East, it would be its dress code.

“In my opinion, it’s too strict,” he said.

He said a student he has looked up to is classmate Alexandria Benton.

“I would love to be as social as her,” he said.