Robinson Plans to Use Art Skills to Design Games


Gator Media Staff

Zaryia Robinson, 18, is a graduating East Columbus Junior-Senior High School senior.

She lives in Hallsboro, and shares a room with her pet snake, Naomi.

She also has two cats, named Boba and Tapioca, that love to help her with the drawing and the gaming that she engages in outside of school.

In school, her favorite class is art, as it is what she wants to pursue as a career.

Her favorite teacher is Jeff Rudnick, who is also her art teacher.

“He makes class fun and actively makes sure we understand the material,” she said.

Robinson is also active in her journalism class, which she has taken since freshman year with her best friend, Ian Masters.

The two have bonded for many years over things such as Steven Universe and Pop Music, which they both enjoy.

After high school, Robinson wants to pursue a career in game design.

She would also like to visit Japan, as it is a hub for game design and video game culture.

Her favorite video game is Pokémon X.

In 10 years, she said she hopes to see herself working hard at her dream job.

“Games have always been there to cheer me up and make my day better, and I want to share that cheer with others through the games I create,” she said.

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