Faulkner Wants to Be a CEO


Gator Media Staff

East Columbus Junior-Senior High School graduating senior Jermaine “JJ” Faulkner, Jr. is the son of Yolanda and Jermaine Faulkner, Sr.

The East Arcadia resident has been an active student in athletics at East playing football, baseball and basketball.

Faulkner plans to play baseball at Southeastern Community College and, later, transfer to a university.

Faulkner said his role model has been his father, because, “He always supports me and has my back.”

His favorite class is weightlifting and his favorite teachers are Tara Williamson and Alina Freeman.

He said something most people don’t know about him is, “I truly care about the students and faculty at the school.”

Faulkner’s dream job is to be a CEO.

“I ain’t here to take part,” he said,

“I’m here to take over!”

Faulkner said, if given the option, he would not change anything he

has done as he has no regrets.

One place he said he would like to visit some day is Egypt. He said he wants to see the pyramids and all of the other great feats that mankind created before the technology of today.

In 10 years, Faulkner sees himself being the CEO of a successful company or being in the big leagues.

Some of his favorite things include of Rap Music, the movie American Psycho, the television show SpongeBob, SquarePants and the Atlanta Braves baseball team.

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