Eighth-grader Camila Jauregui likes the students best at East Columbus.

“They’re funny and fun to talk to,” said the 14-year-old daughter of Bellanira Del Angel and Sergio Jauregui Reyes.

She said she doesn’t have a favorite class, but she likes the hallways because, “I can see my friends.”

Her favorite teachers are Coach Justin Furlow because, “He’s chill” and Coach Zach Sellers because, “He’s funny.”

She said her role model is her cousin Alba, from Mexico. “She’s really successful in school and is about to become a pediatrician. She is about to graduate this year or next.”

Among her accomplishments was her membership in the National Beta Club during sixth grade.

She hopes to some day become a cosmetologist.

“I like to do hair and dye hair,” she said.

She’s unsure of what college she would like to attend.

She said she listens to all kinds of music and loves tacos de asada. Her favorite film is Major Pane and her favorite app is Tik Tok.

She said the surprised cat emoji best describes her. “Every day, I get surprised by something.”

She said that people don’t know that she likes to make friendship bracelets.

She said that if she won a $1,000,000 lottery, she would buy new clothes and a car and help her parents pay for their house. She would also but tickets to Mexico and “the rest I will waste on dumb stuff.”

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