Watts enjoys virtual learning

By Karleigh Jones

Riley Watts, an 11th grader at East Columbus Junior-Senior High School, said he is enjoying the school year so far and is learning online the whole semester.

Watts said his favorite is automotive and his favorite teacher is Bryan Fowler.

Watts is active with FFA and said he “enjoys the variety of things you can do at East Columbus.”

He said he likes online learning and being able to stay in the comforts of his house.

“Even though quarantine has affected most of us,” he said, he is very happy being able to stay home.

His plans include attending Southeastern Community College. He hopes to someday own a house with lots of ATV’s and have a “stay-at-home wife” with extra money to spend on things he wants.

He said his favorite season is coming up – hunting season.

This past summer, Watts worked for Hamilton Landscaping in Southport. He said he enjoyed the job and money, but not the drive he had to make every morning to get there and back.

His role models include his older family.

“They all have something unique about them and they teach me stuff i never knew.”

“I enjoyed last year’s school year,” he said.”I made a lot of new friends and also met my girlfriend.”

His favorite music styles are rap and country. HIs favorite movie is “Ricky Bobby,” and his favorite television show is anything on the Hunting Channel.

He likes cheesy bread and steak. His favorite app is Snapchat because he uses it more than any other app. His favorite game is Off-Road Outlaws.

He said that he doesn’t really enjoy sports that much, but if he had to choose a favorite team, it would be Tar Heels. He cannot wait to see what the rest of this school year holds and what his future has to offer.