Hardie looking for a great senior year

By Harmony Somerville

East Columbus Junior-Senior High School senior Savion’na Hardie is the daughter of Michelle Todd and David Hardie.

Hardie has been active in school activities since the beginning of her freshman year.

She said her role models include anyone she’s met who has been through the “struggle and is still here. It takes a strong person to continue to strive and wake up every morning after failing at something they tried their all in.”

During school, Hardie said she has really enjoyed journalism, adding that has been her favorite class because she was the editor. She learned how to interview others, how to photograph in the right light, and most importantly, how to communicate with her peers.

School last year wasn’t the ideal junior year because she didn’t get to spend it with friends and teachers. She also didn’t get to enjoy a regular prom. She said one good thing came out of it; she was tapped to be a marshal.

She believes this year will be the same as last year. Someone won’t cooperate with medical recommendations and will get everyone else sick, which will result in virtual learning.

Things may be different this year, but Hardie still hopes to be able to have a senior walk, a senior breakfast, a prom and a marshal tapping.

“Really, all of the things seniors deserve to be recognized for.

Hardie said that when you work hard to get where you are, you really want others to know that they can do it, too, especially the underclassmen.

This year, the pandemic has put a stop to normal senior events. “Considering that we have to wear mask in pictures, we won’t look the same,” she said, adding that during the quarantine, she coped by surrounding herself with family and work.

“Even if we weren’t quarantined,” Hardie said she would be doing the same thing she is now, but with more frequent beach and shopping trips. After school, she said would like to attend either UNC-Chapel Hill, Campbell University, ECU or NCCU. She plans on majoring in law. Layer, she would then like to enlist in the Air Force to become a judge advocate general.




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