Yearbook is a GO! at ECHS

To all ECHS students, especially our seniors. WE WILL HAVE A YEARBOOK. Most of it is laid out with much of it complete. Because we are using TreeRIng, we have total flexibility over how big it will be and when it will be finished. The pages that were designated for now-cancelled spring events, and for club photos, etc. are being reassigned to the senior section. We are tripling the size of the section dedicated to this year’s seniors. Mr. Royal needs for all Class of 2020 seniors (and parents) to go to Google Classroom and join the Senior Class of 2020 Classroom. Use the code blik3h2. You will soon receive information and an extensive questionnaire relating to your high school experience, and a request for current and previous year photos you have. We will resend information about purchasing your yearbook and purchasing senior ads.


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