Message from ECHS Principal

Last week, we educators shared some funny memes about the week having a time change, full moon, and Friday the 13th. Then Saturday the 14th happened and the world of education was flipped on it’s head and we began sailing into uncharted waters and constructing a plane as we flew it. Monday rolled around and teachers were filled with anxiety and tons of questions. However, as we progressed through the day, ECHS teachers developed ways to ensure learning continued for our students.

That being said, I just wanted to say that I work with an awesome group of faculty and staff members at East Columbus High School. I, too, approached Monday with anxiousness and a lot of questions myself. But the folks at ECHS rallied together, developed plans, lessons, and Google Classrooms. They moved outside of their comfort zones and did an awesome job! Teacher leaders stepped up and trained those that have never created a Google Classroom before. There was so much collaboration taking place, that Social Distancing norms were being tested. But the teachers coming together calmed my nerves and eased my anxiousness. Seeing the excitement in the teachers about this new approach to teaching and learning has been refreshing. Like a teacher said earlier, I am proud to be an Ed-u-GATOR!

Finally, I have to thank my boss, Dr. Deanne Meadows, and the leadership team of Columbus County Schools. Dr. Meadows has kept us in the loop and informed on what is going on and what is next. She has preached flexibility and patience and I am thankful to work for a progressive leader and county.

We do not know what the future holds for our students, but I know that my teachers are ready to serve my students and learning will continue. And for that I say THANK YOU. Y’ALL ARE THE BEST!


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