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East FFA chapter catches first overall federation win

By CAITLYN ANDREWS Gators East Staff

At ceremonies on May 7, East Columbus High School’s Future Farmers of America  chapter made school history when it won the Three Rivers Federation Overall Winner Banner for the first time.

Earning this banner takes a lot of hard work. Throughout the year, there are many  FFA activities and competitions held for FFA chapters in the Columbus and Bladen county schools.

When a team member wins an award, the chapter earns points. At the end of the year, each school’s points are totaled to see who will win the banner.  

“We all decided that our main goal was to win the banner this year,” said ECHS FFA 2018-19 treasurer Sealey Sessions said. “So we worked hard and competed in a lot of competitions to win the most points.”

Sessions, who is the 2019-20 ECHS FFA president, said that FFA has had a great effect on her life.

“FFA has taught me many leadership skills. I have also met so many life-long friends in my chapter, region and state. FFA has changed my life for the better.”

The school’s FFA chapter advisor, Brian Fowler, said his senior members played a big part in the chapter’s accomplishments this year. Those seniors included Carrie-Grace Coleman, Hunter Long, Lindsay Dew, Austin Jacobs, Hunter Garrell and Walker Galloway. 

Coleman was this year’s president of the ECHS FFA chapter. She was also the federation vice president.

Coleman participated in a large number of competitions, helping put her chapter in the lead.

“No matter how much you have stacked against you, you can obtain your goal with good leadership and cooperation,” Coleman said.

Student advisor Hunter Long said that “FFA has taught me important life and leadership skills and also helped me create a pathway for my future career.” He has participated in poultry judging, dairy judging and forestry competitions. He said that he was proud of all the hard work that went into winning the federation banner. 

Austin Jacobs, the vice president of the club, said he was proud of the hard work and dedication given by his team. 

“We competed in a variety of competitions and spent a lot of time practicing and preparing for them,” he said, adding that FFA and this award have  helped him learn the importance of teamwork.

“If only a few people would have chipped in, our goal would not have been reached,” he said. “So, we worked strong as a team.”