GatorLIVING Student Profile

Cameron Jacobs

Cameron Jacobs, a 17-year-old junior from Buckhead, is the son of Henry Jacobs and Angie Johnson. Cameron’s favorite class is agriculture with instructor Hackney Deans. “He’s a fun teacher and cool to work with.” Jacobs’ favorite activity is football. He said it keeps him out of trouble and is fun to play. The thing he likes best about East Columbus is “the teachers, because they are nice and work well with students.” Jacobs has a younger brother at East Columbus, Cory Jacobs, who is a sophomore. Jacobs is involved with the National Beta Club and is a player on the varsity football team. He said his post high school plans are “to work right after school, but if I go to college, I would like to be a construction worker.” Jacobs’ favorite movie is The Dark Tower and his favorite movie is Country. His favorite app is Snapchat and he said his favorite food is pizza.