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Green Would Love to Act


Gators East Staff

East Columbus High School freshman Thomas Green hopes that a life as a actor is in his future.

Not only does he want to become an actor, but he wants to try his hand as a chef, an author, a talk show host and a musician.

He said his main goal is to someday become an actor and win an Oscar.

The 14-year-old Hallsboro resident lives with his father, Cornel, and mother, Jamie.

He has a dog named Romeo and three cats named Keif, Chief and Little Sebastian.

His favorite movie is Napoleon Dynamite, and his favorite book, A Series of Unfortunate  Events.

His favorite television shows are The Office and Parks and Recreation.

His favorite food is crab legs and his favorite app is YouTube.

Green plans to spend one or two years in an acting college and then look for acting jobs.

He performs with the East Columbus Marching Gator Band. In the spring, he is enrolled in the school’s theatre program.

He wants to join the bowling team in November and play tennis in the spring. His role models are Will Smith and his grandmother. He said, “Will Smith is my grandma.”

His favorite teacher is Mr. (Fuller) Royal because, “He makes things interesting.”