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ECHS Initiates Creative Writing Class


Gators East Staff

East Columbus High School began a creative writing class this semester, the dream project of English II teacher Melissa Robon.

The 10 students in creative writing have the opportunity to explore various written forms, analyze literature and create their own short stories, personal essays and poems.

Robon said juniors and seniors are eligible for the class, which benefits students who want to not only learn about modern literature, but to create their own.

ECHS junior Treasure Spaulding is one of the students in the inaugural class.

The creative writing class engages in a Socratic seminar to discuss a piece of their original writing.

She said she likes the class because she is able to share with others what she writes. She said the class also inspires her to write more.

Senior Harley Linzey said she enjoys the class because she shares her writing with Robon and with the other students, who offer her constructive criticism.

She added that she is learning how to properly write a story.

“Creative writing is a wonderful class,” Linzey said. “I would recommend it for the writers in the school.”

“It’s a smart class,” said junior Caleb Dingle. “It’s more casual than a regular class, but you get more in depth with topics.”

Robon said she has wanted to teach a creative writing class since her arrival at ECHS.

“I taught creative writing when I was a teacher assistant at UNC-Wilington,” she said. “Up until Mr. Johnson came along, we really didn’t have any options. This is definitely something special.”

Several weeks ago, the class took an evening field trip to UNCW to hear writer Camille T. Dungy read selections of her poetry and non-fiction work during Writers’ Week at the college.

The creative writing students include Gianna Delgado, Meyani Dewitt, Caleb Dingle, Ahlania Henderson, Prisila Jaimes, Harley Linzey, Jasmine McFann, Zavian Murphy, Treasure Spaulding and Caitlin Stewart.

Readers can see samples of the students’ writing by visiting the school’s website