The News Reporter: ECHS Honors Athletes


MVP – Kenji Bowen

Offensive POY – Tyler Bowen

Defensive POY – Kaleb Coleman

Soccer Boys

Coaches Award – Devan Young

Most Improved – Antonio Langley-McPhail

Offensive POY – Alex Alvarado

Defensive POY – Alex Ellis

Soccer Girls

Coaches Award – Khaliya Green

Most Improved – Amanda Jacobs

Offensive POY – Tia Campbell

Defensive POY – Giovanna Bellamy

Basketball Boys

Coaches Award – Graylan Daniels

Most Improved – Damarkus Brown

MVP – Donavan Worley

Offensive POY – TJ Barr

Sportsmanship – Trey Brown

Basketball Girls

Coaches Award – Arianna Daniels

Most Improved – Rodsalind Harper

MVP – Tia Campbell

Offensive POY – Shynicquel Watson

Defensive POY – Hope Freeman


Coaches Award – Izzy Lennon

Coaches Award – Arianna Daniels

Highest Batting Average – Diamond Porter

Most Improved – La’Zaydia Flowers

MVP – Alanna Deal


Coaches Award – Savannah Quick

Coaches Award – Arianna Daniels

MVP – Tia Campbell

Offensive POY – Caitlyn Andrews

Defensive POY – Izzy Lennon

Tennis Boys

Coaches Award – Devan Young

Most Improved – Waya Locklear

MVP – Marco Borja

Most Dedicated – Rylan Bordeaux

Tennis Girls

Coaches Award – Sierra Bryant

Most Improved – Olivia Rogers

MVP – Graceanna Sessions

Most Dedicated – Sealy Sessions

Bowling Girls

Coaches Award – Isabella Lennon

Most Improved – Graceanna Sessions

Best All Around – Brittany Little

Bowling Boys

Coaches Award – Nicholas Mclamb

Most Improved – Devan Young

Best All Around – Rylan Bordeaux

Track and Field

Team Award – Dashia Parker

Most Improved – Ethan Gotay

Coaches Award – Hope Freeman

Coaches Award – Andrew Robinson